Cleggmania..the movie

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Nick Clegg is still riding high and basking in his new found Cleggmania



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Despite the best efforts of Murdoch and the Tory press Cleggmania is here to stay

Nick Clegg’s Fault

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The Tory big guns are out for Nick Clegg and finding fault, luckily for them. And now it seems everything’s Nick Clegg’s Fault. Even Heather Mills’ nicked leg.

Simon Singh wins appeal against the BCA

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Simon Singh won his appeal against the BCA today and Reggie was there at the press conference..there were biscuits.

Lots of smiles and good cheer after two years of battling. Good news for libel reform as the appeal judges in their ruling made it harder for new cases to be so bloody pointless.

The next step is to get the law changed which is what politicians are saying but talk is cheap. Lets see how many lawyers battle to keep their businesses going. Apparently Carter Ruck are in favour of easier and cheaper settlement procedures but it is April Fools Day.

Here’s another chance to see Sly and Reggie perform Change The Libel Laws outside the Palace Theatre.

Big Libel Gig Outside Broadcast

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Five minutes of pure Sly and Reggie outside the Palace Theatre last night.

Big Libel Gig Tonight

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Comedians and luminaries from the Libel Reform Campaign will be down the Palace Theatre tonight in the West End of London for a fundraiser.

An eclectic line-up, including Dara Ó Briain, Tim Minchin, Marcus Brigstocke, Robin Ince, Ed Byrne, Shappi Khorsandi, Professor Brian Cox, Simon Singh, Professor Richard Wiseman, Dr Peter Wilmshurst and Dr Ben Goldacre, so says the blurb.

Sly and Reggie will be down there with the Middle Class Sound System on the Morris outside on the street giving the campaign some street dub action.

Sly and Reggie have produced two tracks for the Libel Law Reform Campaign. Listen at

People Greed, Is The New Greed

•February 10, 2010 • 1 Comment

All those people filling up their ipods and hard drives with digital stuff and it’s all for free.


For the first time in history the common man,   ( the one who scratched a living on the common ) is able to get his own back on Big Business and grab huge quantities of digital media for diddly squat.

Yes, People Greed has joined the ranks of Corporate Greed and MPs Greed.

Well everyone else is doing it and what’s the harm?

And who is standing up against the people on this one. Well turkeys don’t vote for Christmas so that rules out most us. There is always Bono who is too rich and no-one likes and Lily Allen who went to a posh private school. They both had a go but go shot down in flames.

And thats about it, Bono and Lily Allen.

Oh and its not stealing its ‘copyright infringement’, well that doesn’t sound so bad now. Its like using the term Quantitive Easing instead of ‘Oh God start printing money and fast’

If you want a download, try Priceless from Sly and Reggie.

There is just one digital file of the song,at a special price.