People Greed, Is The New Greed

All those people filling up their ipods and hard drives with digital stuff and it’s all for free.


For the first time in history the common man,   ( the one who scratched a living on the common ) is able to get his own back on Big Business and grab huge quantities of digital media for diddly squat.

Yes, People Greed has joined the ranks of Corporate Greed and MPs Greed.

Well everyone else is doing it and what’s the harm?

And who is standing up against the people on this one. Well turkeys don’t vote for Christmas so that rules out most us. There is always Bono who is too rich and no-one likes and Lily Allen who went to a posh private school. They both had a go but go shot down in flames.

And thats about it, Bono and Lily Allen.

Oh and its not stealing its ‘copyright infringement’, well that doesn’t sound so bad now. Its like using the term Quantitive Easing instead of ‘Oh God start printing money and fast’

If you want a download, try Priceless from Sly and Reggie.

There is just one digital file of the song,at a special price.



~ by Andrew Cunningham on February 10, 2010.

One Response to “People Greed, Is The New Greed”

  1. I must confess to a spot of “copyright infringement” myself, but would agree it brings out the greed in me. I often download vast amounts of tracks knowing perfectly well that I’ll never even listen to half of them, and many of my friends are the same. I did a massive box set of Beethoven’s piano concertos in November, just to see what they were like. I have so far listened to one, and even then it was the crowd-pleasing 8th.
    Mind you I have to say that these days, if Bono disagrees with something I tend to instinctively like it.

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