10:23 Homeopathy Campaign Mass Overdose

The 10:23 Homeopathy  “there’s nothing in it” campaign had its mass overdose protest day today.

Sly and Reggie were there outside the Conway Hall in Red Lion Sq to serenade the skeptics as they swallowed a massive number of homeopathic remedies in one big gulp.

Our biggest result of the day was getting support from the traffic warden parking guy who let us park up without needing a permit. He said we were ‘for the people’ and that made our day.

Simon Singh was there as well as Dave Gorman and media galore taking interviews.

I dont think Sly and Reggie were needed amongst the throng but hey..it was sunny. Had a great drive home through Soho and over a bright and sunny Westminster Bridge.


Its 10;23 and I’m feeling sleepy

 There’s poetry in the memory of water

And I lose myself amongst atoms and space

My excessive dilution brings me absolution

Its 10:23 amd im feeling sleepy

 There’s nothing in it, I know but poetry and water

And I try to be so rational and good

But deep in the lanes the poetry remains

Its 1023 and im feeling sleepy


 I get lost in one part of a million million

Seduced by the memory of water

But i gotta say no to my lovely placebo

Its 1023 and im feeling sleepy


~ by Andrew Cunningham on January 30, 2010.

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