Carter Ruck strike another blow against freedom

The nice people at Carter Ruck, the law firm who defend Trafigura..nice work guys.. have managed to get Parliament to gag itself…again.

Read about it here in the Times.

Basically if some dodgy client has the money to get its lawyers to slap a super injunction on its own dodgy dealings not even Parliament can be reported if it appears in Hansard.

A super injunction forbids anyone from reporting not only the contents but the existence of the injunction itself. And now if Parliament comment or discuss the matter the injunction silences that comment as well.

You have been warned.

Sly and Reggie sing Carter cant gag the people


~ by Andrew Cunningham on December 6, 2009.

One Response to “Carter Ruck strike another blow against freedom”

  1. This firm are a complete disgrace. The guys that work for it should be ashamed and hopefully one day they will all be shafted by the system they earn so much money from

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