Trafigura ‘Call Off Your Dogs’ Flashmob Nov 26 1pm

Fancy a bit of agitating?

Involve yourself in a flashmob on  Thursday Novemeber 26 2009 outside the offices of Trafigura, 2 Portman St W1 6DU at 1pm

Trafigura are still suing Newsnight over the toxic waste scandal and the plan is to get the ban lifted.

Publishing Hansard is one of the people’s basic rights and so the following text is not to be gagged.

“The recent example of the release of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast leading to the deaths of a number of people and the hospitalisation of thousands underlines the risks involved in the movement and management of waste.” 

Bring your camera phones and film yourself saying these words and post them around the web.

Sly and Reggie will be there. Dubs blazing.

Sign up here for the event on Facebook

Listen to Sly and Reggie Dub track Trafigura  Trafigura


~ by Andrew Cunningham on November 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Trafigura ‘Call Off Your Dogs’ Flashmob Nov 26 1pm”

  1. This is a fine seaworthy vessel you have here, and no mistake.

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