We Have Moved

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Just in case you are wondering. We now use http://www.thesuburbanpirate.com for webstuff. Also soundcloud and facebook.


Middle Class Dub…its here.

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Debut Album From The Suburban Pirate

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Concept and Design: Jon Daniel Photography: Damian Daniel Music by Sly and Reggie

Trafigura finally get stuffed

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Fair Votes Now

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Nationwide campaign tomorrow with rallies around the county to push for a new voting system that more fairly represents the people….well OK the Liberals…but its all in a good cause.
Takeback2010 are a coalition of pressure groups campaigning hard to shake up the system.

Take Back Parliament

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Take Back Parliament and Fair Votes and loads of pressure groups are coming together to press for electoral reform and have a rally this Saturday in Parliament Sq.
Had a great time last night giving it some at the flashmob with the police very helpful…really.
Sly and Reggie on the street with guest drummer,sax and trumpet adding to the whole wonderful noise of it all.
Had to watch what I said though, got a few disapproving looks when I went off message. Dont mention the toxic tories… as if we could do a deal with them…no way.

Nick Clegg is the new Fab One

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Sly and Reggie are planning to pop in at Streatham on  Monday May 3 to add to Cleggmania while Nick Clegg presses the flesh on his campaign trail.

Cleggmania by Sly and Reggie-Middle Class Warriors.